Monday, September 26, 2005

brownie to investigate brownie

brownie will be lookin' up brownie's brown growler ...hmmmm...boy that is sooooo reassuring. keep it up you arrogant, incompetent, criminal, bullies....... people are starting to notice.

6:44 p.m. (CBS) — CBS News correspondent Gloria Borger reports that Michael Brown, who recently resigned as the head of the FEMA, has been rehired by the agency as a consultant to evaluate its response following Hurricane Katrina.

and this is an interesting piece.....

CRONYISM in the Bush Administration
HOW MANY MORE MICHAEL BROWNS ARE OUT THERE? TIME Probe Finds the Bush Administration is Putting Connections Before Experience For Some Positions

Posted Sunday, Sep. 25, 2005
New York – The Michael Brown debacle – the resignation of President’s former point man on disasters -- has raised questions about whether political connections, not qualifications, have helped an unusually high number of Bush appointees land vitally important jobs. ONLINE:,9171,1109345,00.html
Among TIME’s examples:
-- At the Food and Drug Administration, TIME obtained internal e-mail messages that show scientists’ drug-safety decisions are being second-guessed by a 33-year-old doctor-turned-stock picker, Scott Gottlieb.
full article

and this from david brooks
.........And as I say that, you always got to go back to competence. And sometimes in my dark moments, I think he's "The Manchurian Candidate" designed to discredit all the ideas I believe in. And so he has to follow through on that. That's the crucial thing for the next two years for him.

and so it goes as they destroy our federal government... not suprising since they never liked it much....with the exception of all that military hardware and "assets", as they like to refer to the patriotic, brave citizens they use for their personal adventures. oh and the cash flow...they have really been enjoying much more will we put up with!??!

wake up sheeple!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Peace is on the march

here are some photos of the peace march in bellinham sept 21(till the batteries gave out..oops)

and here is the seattle march of the nationwide march sept 24

Thursday, September 22, 2005

mark nails bushworld

mark just sums up where we are here in America with these thugs in charge.......

Fine Wine For A Big Quake Sure a quake kit is a great thing -- if you can afford it. Too bad about everyone else
By Mark Morford, SF Gate Columnist
Wednesday, September 21, 2005

............As Katrina proved in no uncertain terms, if you're poor or from the lower classes and a massive natural disaster strikes, you are, of course, screwed, given how you do not have extra money, no cash reserves to spend on motels or plane tickets, no credit card numbers to keep written down in a safe place. You do not have a car. You do not own a cell phone. You do not have wealthy relatives in Miami with a few spare rooms in their beach house. When disaster hits, you simply do not have anywhere to go.
All of which means the Bush administration will consider you, essentially, trash, disposable, invisible -- except for when the TV cameras find you floating face down in the flooded street and suddenly Bush's poll numbers collapse and Dubya comes on to pretend he understands your plight and will have his mom send you cookies and a warm condescending hug ASAP.
full article

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

All the News that fits their agenda

Another prime example of the MSM being a day late and a dollar short (as it were).
TIME MAGAZINE - Sep. 26, 2005
Saddam's Revenge
The secret history of U.S. mistakes, misjudgments and intelligence failures that let the Iraqi dictator and his allies launch an insurgency now ripping Iraq apart
Why didn't TIME take up this story when Scott Ritter wrote about it over a year ago?
Published on Friday, July 23, 2004 by Tribune Media Services
Saddam's People are Winning the War
by Scott Ritter
Anybody got any theories?

Emotional Rather blasts 'new journalism order'
By Paul J. Gough

... occasionally forcing back tears, he (Dan Rather) said that in the intervening years, politicians "of every persuasion" had gotten better at applying pressure on the conglomerates that own the broadcast networks. He called it a "new journalism order."

He said this pressure -- along with the "dumbed-down, tarted-up" coverage, the advent of 24-hour cable competition and the chase for ratings and demographics -- has taken its toll on the news business. "All of this creates a bigger atmosphere of fear in newsrooms," Rather said. ...

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

cheers all over again

here come the compassionate conservatives again....cheers
hope all will stand with barbara boxer for this new assault

Exceptions in new EPA rules would allow testing pesticides on children
By Andrew Schneider
Sun National Staff
Originally published September 14, 2005

.........."For the first time in our nation's history, the EPA has proposed a program to allow for the systematic and everyday experimentation of pesticides on humans," Rep. Henry A. Waxman, a California Democrat and leading critic of the testing policies, said in a statement yesterday. "Moreover, the proposed program is riddled with ethical loopholes."
Sen. Barbara Boxer, another California Democrat, who also demanded improvements in protecting human test subjects, voiced similar criticism.
"The EPA proposed rule on human testing has several large loopholes that undermine the very purpose of the rule. No wonder the pesticide companies are saying such nice things about it," Boxer said.
"This is unethical and contrary to recent direction from Congress."

full article

Monday, September 19, 2005

more bush's America....

great article by Thom on bush's disasterous "energy policy"....

Carter Tried To Stop Bush's Energy Disasters - 28 Years Ago
by Thom Hartmann

In his recent news conference, George Bush Jr. suggested that our nation's "problem" with high gasoline prices was caused by the lack of a national energy policy, and tried to blame it all on Bill Clinton. First, Junior said, "This is a problem that's been a long time in coming. We haven't had an energy policy in this country."
This was followed by, "That's exactly what I've been saying to the American people -- 10 years ago if we'd had an energy strategy, we would be able to diversify away from foreign dependence. And -- but we haven't done that. And now we find ourselves in the fix we're in." As is so often the case, Bush was lying.
Consider President Jimmy Carter's April 18, 1977 speech. Since it was given nearly three decades ago, when many of the reporters in Bush's White House were children, it's understandable that they don't remember it. But it's inexcusable that Bush and the mainstream media (which, after all, has the ability to do research) would completely ignore it. It was the speech that established the strategic petroleum reserve, birthed the modern solar power industry, led to the insulation of millions of American homes, and established America's first national energy policy. "With the exception of preventing war," said Jimmy Carter, a man of peace, "this is the greatest challenge our country will face during our lifetimes."

bush's America

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. does a great job of outlining the perilious times we live in......the bush crime family is taking us full speed ahead over the cliff....the only conclusion i can come to is they must be criminally insane cuz they have children and grandchildren too. how can so many be affected by such severe anti-social personality disorder????? i hope they can be stopped......

Published on Friday, September 16, 2005 by
Those of Us Who Know That America’s Worth Fighting for Have to Take It Back Now from Those Who Don’t
by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.Speech delivered at the Sierra Summit 2005San Francisco, CaliforniaSeptember 10, 2005

..........This is the worst environmental president we’ve had in American history.
If you look at NRDC’s website you’ll see over 400 major environmental roll backs that are listed there that have been implemented or proposed by this administration over the past four years as part of a deliberate concerted effort to eviscerate 30 years of environmental law.
It’s a stealth attack.
The White House has used all kinds of ingenious machinations to try to conceal its radical agenda from the American people including Orwellian rhetoric. When they want to destroy the forests, they call it the Healthy Forest Act. When they wanted to destroy the air, they called it the Clear Skies Bill.
But most insidiously, they have put polluters in charge of virtually all the agencies that are supposed to protect Americans from pollution.
full article

Saturday, September 17, 2005

riverbend returns

after no posts since july 15 riverbend has returned!!! her post on sept 11 puts our criminal foreign policy into words......
.......I remember almost immediately, Western media began conjecturing on which Islamic group it could have been. I remember hoping it wasn’t Muslims or Arabs. I remember feeling that way not just because of the thousands of victims, but because I sensed that we’d suffer in Iraq. We’d be made to suffer for something we weren’t responsible for.E. looked at me wide-eyed that day and asked the inevitable question,
“How long do you think before they bomb us?”
“But it wasn’t us. It can’t be us…” I rationalized.
“It doesn’t matter. It’s all they need.”

......It has been four years today. How does it feel four years later? For the 3,000 victims in America, more than 100,000 have died in Iraq. Tens of thousands of others are being detained for interrogation and torture. Our homes have been raided, our cities are constantly being bombed and Iraq has fallen back decades, and for several years to come we will suffer under the influence of the extremism we didn't know prior to the war. As I write this, Tel Afar, a small place north of Mosul, is being bombed. Dozens of people are going to be buried under their homes in the dead of the night. Their water and electricity have been cut off for days. It doesn’t seem to matter much though because they don’t live in a wonderful skyscraper in a glamorous city. They are, quite simply, farmers and herders not worth a second thought. Four years later and the War on Terror (or is it the War of Terror?) has been won:Score:
Al-Qaeda – 3,000
America – 100,000+


sept 11,2005 post

Friday, September 09, 2005

the flood of katrina is followed by a tsunami of compassion!

after another quarter of record profits for these thugs the corporate welfare and looting continues.....the people need relief from this compassionate conservatism.....

Bush lifts wage rules for Katrina
President signs executive order allowing contractors to pay below prevailing wage in affected areas.
September 9, 2005: 11:43 AM EDT

........Bush's action came as the federal government moved to provide billions of dollars in aid, and drew rebukes from two of organized labor's biggest friends in Congress, Rep. George Miller of California and Sen. Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts, both Democrats.
"The administration is using the devastation of Hurricane Katrina to cut the wages of people desperately trying to rebuild their lives and their communities," Miller said.
"President Bush should immediately realize the colossal mistake he has made in signing this order and rescind it and ensure that America puts its people back to work in the wake of Katrina at wages that will get them and their families back on their feet," Miller said.
"I regret the president's decision," said Kennedy.
"One of the things the American people are very concerned about is shabby work and that certainly is true about the families whose houses are going to be rebuilt and buildings that are going to be restored," Kennedy said.
full article

Is it pay back time, yet?

Okie dokie... In Bush's FEMA appointments we've got a shining example of how utterly corrupt the Republicans are: political patronage, ultra-cronyism. I think we need an investigation by an independent council/prosecutor(meaning someone who hates Bush with a passion). The investigation should be in depth, reporting it's findings in mid-Nov. 2008. The staff could leak give progress reports to the press every week. With subpoena power, an unlimited budget and years to dig, there should be plenty of dirt uncovered. The person chosen to head the investigation should have certain Starr-like qualities. The investigation should have a name; hmmm, lets see.... Oh, I know!... we could call it; the BrownieWater Scandal. [/satire]

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

his mother's son

this crime family that has seized power and taken over our resources for their own personal use again show their contempt for the people of the country they exploit........mommie bush shows her true colors as she walks by people suffering and pronounces them "lucky"..... her son, when left to his own devices, reverts to cocktail party banter as rescue efforts were shut down to orchestrate the photo-op bush needed to rescue his tattered image.....

HOUSTON Former first lady Barbara Bush is getting attention for some of the comments she made about New Orleans evacuees who are now in Houston. In an interview with the American Public Media program "Marketplace," she said the relocation is "working very well" for some of those forced out of New Orleans. She noted that many of the people at the Astrodome were "underprivileged anyway."
"And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this--this (she chuckles slightly) is working very well for them."


and incompetence is the nicest thing that can be said.......

By Paul Krugman - The New York Times - 09/06/05
Each day since Katrina brings more evidence of the lethal ineptitude of federal officials. I'm not letting state and local officials off the hook, but federal officials had access to resources that could have made all the difference, but were never mobilized.
Here's one of many examples: The Chicago Tribune reports that the USS Bataan, equipped with six operating rooms, hundreds of hospital beds and the ability to produce 100,000 gallons of fresh water a day, has been sitting off the Gulf Coast since last Monday — without patients.

what the hell is going on??????

FEMA's Crime Spree - September 6th, 2005
Just take a look at this list:FEMA won't accept Amtrak's help in evacuations
FEMA turns away experienced firefighters
FEMA turns back Wal-Mart supply trucks
FEMA prevents Coast Guard from delivering diesel fuel
FEMA won't let Red Cross deliver food
FEMA bars morticians from entering New Orleans
FEMA blocks 500-boat citizen flotilla from delivering aid
FEMA fails to utilize Navy ship with 600-bed hospital on board
FEMA to Chicago: Send just one truck
FEMA turns away generators
FEMA: "First Responders Urged Not To Respond"

wake up sheeple!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

BushCo's response - incompetence or crime?

As the days pass without an adequate response to the disaster,
BushCo is more interested in covering their ass and shifting the blame
than in saving peoples lives!
... Last week, Michael Brown, head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, told CNN his agency had recently planned for a Category 5 hurricane hitting New Orleans.

Speaking to "Larry King Live" on August 31, in the wake of Katrina, Brown said, "That Category 4 hurricane caused the same kind of damage that we anticipated. So we planned for it two years ago. Last year, we exercised it. And unfortunately this year, we're implementing it."

Brown suggested FEMA -- part of the Department of Homeland Security -- was carrying out a prepared plan, rather than having to suddenly create a new one. ...

... But Chertoff seemed unaware of all the warnings.

"This is really one which I think was breathtaking in its surprise," Chertoff said. "There has been, over the last few years, some specific planning for the possibility of a significant hurricane in New Orleans with a lot of rainfall, with water rising in the levees and water overflowing the levees," he told reporters Saturday. ...

... Chertoff also argued that authorities did not have much notice that the storm would be so powerful and could make a direct hit on New Orleans. ...

... As far back as Friday, August 26, the National Hurricane Center was predicting the storm could be a Category 4 hurricane at landfall, with New Orleans directly in its path. Still, storms do change paths, so the possibility existed that it might not hit the city.

But the National Weather Service prediction proved almost perfect.

Katrina made landfall on Monday, August 29. ...
And as if that isn't damning enough! 


The provocative title is intentional. Why did the Bush Administration fail to act according to the National Response Plan they created in December of 2004 to deal with an incident like Katrina? ...


The current effort by the Bush Administration to blame the victims in Louisiana and Mississippi is bad enough, but they are in big trouble once Americans take the time to understand that they the Administration ignored it's own plan for dealing with a threat like Katrina. Why did they fail to implement the plan until it was too late to save lives along the Gulf Coast?

Don't take my word for it, read the plan yourself. You can download it at


But it isn't just what wasn't done, BushCo's Homeland Security representatives have blocked the most basic help for hurricane survivors!

Reporter's notebook: Treating those left behind
By Robert Davis, USA TODAY

... I headed to City Hall, where Jullette Saussy, the city's director of emergency medical services, is based. This involved another walk through blocks of waist-high, waste-filled water. I found her and her colleagues in the midst of intense discussions about the situation at the convention center.

At that point, the plight of the citizens at the Superdome had gotten the most media attention, but the 20,000 people at the convention center had even fewer supplies and emergency medical officials had been unable to reach them because of the lack of medical supplies, the absence of any means of evacuation and security concerns.

Saussy's desire to set up a mobile hospital at the convention center had been blocked by Homeland Security representatives who wanted people to be shipped out, not treated there. But she finally found an ally in Lt. Gen. Russel Honore, commander of the 1st Army, who is coordinating the military rescue operation. He issued a "make it so" type declaration and loaded Saussy, her associates and me into a military truck bound for the center. ... (emphasis added by me)