Saturday, September 02, 2017

help in orange times!

Naomi Klein: The Worst Is Yet to Come with Trump, So We Must Be Ready for Shock Politics

Friday, September 01, 2017

Chris Hedges Best Speech In 2017

we must not turn away.....we must not forget and we must get out the mirrors.   how is the cancerous phase of unregulated crony casino capitalism working for you?  is a question i like to ask.  i'm thinking Chris rivals me for most pessamistic person i know.....and he is way smarter.  and he gives us a way forward......his optimistic side screams thru

resist   keep hope alive......  we must live in truth ....... we must stand with the oppressed .....

the power of love is greater than the power of evil......

we must fight fascists ...not to win but because they are fascists

thank you Chris!!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Bellingham gathers for women's march

saturday january 21, 2017 was amazing!!!!

orange times

the greedy selfish continue....they are licking their chops on repeal of ACA for instant tax cuts.....wonder what they are gunna spend it on???

oh and let's not forget little marco polo rubio's attack on the affordable card act.......didn't get much attention other than rethugs railing about what a failure ACA was.....  

H.R. 676 - the Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act - was introduced last night!   (the 24th)  This is representative John Conyers' 14th year introducing H.R. 676, which would establish a national single payer healthcare system. 51 co-sponsors have already signed on

 here is where you can find out if your rep is a co sponsor

i sent this message to my rep Suzan Delbene yesterday......

sure would be great to see your support for HR 676.  single payer is the best we can do...everybody in, nobody out!   let's pay our fellow citizens good wages to administer payment (accountable to us)  to our fellow citizens to provide the healthcare we all need (accountable to us)   overhead for administration drops to va and medicare numbers.....  we don't need middle men sucking money out for money changing......  healthcare is one of our commons and who better to provide for us than us.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

orange times

→1/12/17 as i'm listening to news and commentary I have become very feels like “don't look here, look over here, look over here........” I still keep coming back to, there is no hope until we get out the mirrors and start owning it. The evil that is done in our name and colored over is heartbreaking. And most of the time it's the juvenile “i know you are, but what am I .“ I am certainly not saying there aren't bad guys lurking everywhere but our behavior is everywhere from questionable to illegal and immoral. (attacking, invading and occupying Irag on march 20th 2003 based on lies....and the people who called Iraq home continue to pay....don't forget after the bullets and blood cease ...depleted uranium =genocide)..... and we continue to pledge allegiance and call ourselves the good guys. And I long to be the good guys. I don't believe good guys are made from competition and answering evil with evil. And this idea that we need to improve our nukes.....we still have by far the most and we are the only ones that have ever used them against other humans. And we should get back to torture....yikes!!! I can still see dead-eye dark side-dick watching in the basement....will there be tweets??? our karma is building. I will continue to try to find my path.

Monday, January 09, 2017

orange times

 Subjecting us all to the orange fascist is just like playing with fire on the 4th of july … are getting your rocks off and endangering all of us. The prevaricator in chief coming to an earth near you.

 I am still struggling to understand how so many among us could put all of the earth in such peril. And there is not nearly enough dark humor to cover this one. I have a strong need to stand with the many in my community who get it. I am fucking pissed. Right now all I can do is try to really believe most of the rubes did not mean it. as we continue our race to the bottom less of us will be comfortable and distracted.(bread and circus) This morning I have the luxury of meeting with my tree board friend and talk about rain gardens. The city of Ferndale is interested.

 Oh and thank you Meryl Streep


Friday, December 09, 2016

orange times

get ready rivers.......

oh and Jim Hightower still has such a way with words.... "augustus trumpus - the master of factual flexibility" where i may say...liar liar pants on fire.

Sunday, December 04, 2016

orange times

→after the illusion......
 In this age of invasive media with many entries into ones psych, it was just a matter of when.........our symptoms are on display and we have a poster boy of the orange race leading this nation of people. I diagnose him (I admit I am not qualified) as having an extreme anti social personality disorder dripping in narcissism. (is that where the orange comes from ???). Two of the defining characteristic are obvious and have been mastered. The mimicking of behavior has been achieved. And don't forget, charming is a verb. It certainly helped launch his journey to be born on third base and thought he'd hit a triple. And a totally absent emotion of empathy makes it easier to cheat, lie and steal as needed to advance. I am certain there is no repair or drug to treat this personality and the only strategy if you encounter such a person is to immediately make sure they are not in your life. Even persons on the lower end of the continuum can make your life a living hell. WTF!!!!
We are in for some bad shit ! As the most pessimistic person I, I was lacking much hope and yet longed for it. Now I am working my way through the grief process and trying to find the way forward. When this personality inserts themselves into your life and has the power to make your life a living hell and there is no way to rid them what is the plan.?????  So I have two books coming....the mask of sanity and another more recent book updating his work from 1941.

11/30/2016 November is almost over.....the normalizing of this fascist leap on steroids continues..... I am trying to find my way. Still haven't started smoking cigarettes but it crosses my mind. As his ilk continues to emerge from the swamp to assist in the administration of this horror my pessimistic first place standing increases.

12-4-16 Had a fine time with my peeps at the dems annual holidaze party last evening. Thank you Alex for sharing a rant on the horrific place we find ourselves (as we set up before the event) and thank you Bobby for shutting me up and giving me hope as you shared a glimpse of the work you are doing. It was so great to eat, drink, and be merry with the best. Oh and thank you Trouble for sharing the work load and greeting all arrivals. I know everyone is processing what to do and it's good to have friends to do this with. I do hear the message that it's time to move forward and I get that. I still haven't figured out what that means for me. I'm still suffering from TAD (trump anxiety disorder) and
continue to have waves of despair, forgetfulness and disorganization. The list of greedy selfish swamp brew who appear to be lining up to “lead” our nation and interact with the rest of the world, will, in my opinion, be a horrific legacy. So I will continue to try to find my path and will protect others from my pessimism with the best humor I can come up with (it will have darkness lurking, of course) and keeping my mouth shut.   well other than posts under logo orange times from time to time....

oh and it's Frances to blame for this being available if anyone stumbles onto it......