Wednesday, July 06, 2016

happy playing with fire in July day

 this was a bad year! I have survived bad years in the past. The year the guy across the street had mortars mounted on tables at the edge of his property aimed at the sky over my house comes to mind. Two big bags of garbage collected on my quarter acre. Can used fire toys be recycled? This year the foreplay started a few days before the ultimate orgasm. I am speaking from the morning after. All day yesterday there was noise near and far. I don't get the loud, startling, ear injuring boom that seems so popular.... my reaction,when I'm being as nice as I can, is to yell “WHY !!!???”
I spent the days before getting my quarter acre as wet as I could. And I do realize it won't matter if someone nearby lights peckerheadville on fire. I guess from previous garbage gathering on my lot, I figure if something landed with any heat left there would be no fuel. This year was a war zone. I was miserable. My cats were miserable. The two old residents, normally living outside, came in and would not leave. My feral family disappeared. They did not come in for their normal evening feeding. I wonder how this horribly offensive, invasive behavior is allowed and encouraged. It is so rude and that's the nicest thing I can think of to say.
And I heard on the news that veterans, who were subjected to the horrors of actual war zones, are now subjected to the pretend war zones if they happen live in communities where fire toys are allowed, as those who live where they are banned come to get their rocks off. Why is such behavior allowed and even sold?? It is pathology on steroids. Our symptoms are on display. And then I felt the shame and sorrow for those who have hosted our war zones. They don't get to get up to a quiet predictable day after surviving the fake war zone brought to their neighborhood. I thought of river, who blogged from Iraq after our illegal, immoral attack, invasion and occupation of her home in 2003. Her last post in 2013 speaks eloquently to how it is to host a war.
I think it's time to look ourselves in the mirror.
As far as play with fire day, I think it would be good to change the name to interdependence day and recognize our common connections. If folks felt the need to play with fire on that day, I would be ok with public displays put on by licensed pyrotechnicians. Those of us who do not enjoy this could hide out somewhere. Sorry for those who live near a chosen public site. Wish we could stop this rude offensive behavior.