Saturday, October 08, 2011

Occupy Bellingham Oct 7 2011

I arrived a few minutes before 4pm and witnessed the crowd growing., I don't know what the total was...alot! People of all ages, old friends and many wondraful folks I have had the pleasure of spending time with in my travels. and, so exciting and inspiring, many young folks. I even had a young fella hug me and thank me for showing up,. Very cool! after receiving my Cowboy Boots calendar for 2012, thanks Six, and seeing all the folks in the street I'm gunna go with the hopesy changey thing. I will believe another world is possible.
occupytogether plans to be there till we get some change.

I stand with The American Dream Movement and wholeheartedly support the 10 most critical steps in their contract.

And if we are to reclaim our democracy we must END CORPORATE RULE. LEGALIZE DEMOCRACY. MOVE TO AMEND still rocks!

oh and if people still can't get it...thanks Digby for getting us in touch with Alan Grayson.
he gets it!!!!!