Thursday, January 12, 2017

orange times

→1/12/17 as i'm listening to news and commentary I have become very feels like “don't look here, look over here, look over here........” I still keep coming back to, there is no hope until we get out the mirrors and start owning it. The evil that is done in our name and colored over is heartbreaking. And most of the time it's the juvenile “i know you are, but what am I .“ I am certainly not saying there aren't bad guys lurking everywhere but our behavior is everywhere from questionable to illegal and immoral. (attacking, invading and occupying Irag on march 20th 2003 based on lies....and the people who called Iraq home continue to pay....don't forget after the bullets and blood cease ...depleted uranium =genocide)..... and we continue to pledge allegiance and call ourselves the good guys. And I long to be the good guys. I don't believe good guys are made from competition and answering evil with evil. And this idea that we need to improve our nukes.....we still have by far the most and we are the only ones that have ever used them against other humans. And we should get back to torture....yikes!!! I can still see dead-eye dark side-dick watching in the basement....will there be tweets??? our karma is building. I will continue to try to find my path.

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