Friday, October 29, 2010

Vote Sanity!

Vote Sanity - Vote for Democrats
Because you might be mad...
But they are CRAZY.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Message From The Future has a message for you.
Voting is important. But somehow this year it doesn't feel as important as it did in 2008, right?


Here's a message from the future about what will happen if you and your friends don't vote on November 2 (hint: it's not pretty).

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Our Ad - Washington's 2nd District

I can already hear the Republican whining about "MoveOn"; but, the folks in this ad are local and it really is us (WA-02 voters) against the corporate front groups and oil billionaires.

This ad is NOT paid for by the corporate front groups and oil billionaires that are trying to buy this election.

This is OUR ad made by hardworking Americans who live right here in Washington and we have one simple message: John Koster is being backed by one of those front groups, and if he's on their side, he's sure not on ours.

Vote Rick Larsen!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Global Work Party,,,,,,solar coming soon...

Transition Ferndale met today on my roof for some theatre, lunch, fellowship and enthusiasm as we strive to work to bring awareness and action to getting our atmospheric CO2 back down to 350 parts per million. (currently 392 and climbing)

Oh and we are celebrating the coming solar panels.!! Net Metering by years end.

Last year I had my son paint a very large on my roof and my frequent air traffic has been enjoying it all year. Before this year's end will be covered by solar panels and net metering. This is happening on the heels of our Transition Ferndale group inviting Dana Brandt from Ecotech Energy Systems LLC to come and give his excellent presentation to our group. We will be on the roof today with signs and enthusiasm to be part of the important work of getting our CO2 in the atmosphere back to levels that give future living things a chance to enjoy life on our beautiful planet Earth.

10/10/10: The Global Work Party On 10/10/10, people at 7347 events in 188 countries got to work on the climate crisis.

here we are, from our corner of this earth, participating with over 7000 groups around the world......

Friday, October 08, 2010

Jerns vs. Ericksen - If A Tree Falls, After The Herald's Deadline?

I read the article about the League of Women Voters candidate forum in the B'ham Herald and wondered what happened to the 42nd LD Senate candidates.

Pat Jerns (D) and Doug Ericksen (R) are running for the State Senate but they weren't mentioned at all in the article. I looked at the Politics Blog on Twitter and Sam's last tweet from the forum was at 9:06 PM.

So, I'm guessing that since the Senate candidates didn't finish before the Herald's deadline, for the Herald it's as though the debate never happened.

Fortunately, I did get a note from someone who did attended the forum all the way to the end. And what they had to say was quite interesting.

It was interesting to read Sam Taylor's blog comments concerning the face off's between Al Jensen and Jason Overstreet and Kelli linville and Vince Buys at the League of Women Voters forum. Unfortunately Sam missed some of the best comments of the evening between Pat Jerns and Doug Ericksen.

In Jerns opening statement, he clearly challenged Ericksen on several points, namely his lack of business experience and his habit of telling voters he supports programs and then voting against funding the programs.

In the questioning between the candidates, Jerns asked Ericksen to justify his co-sponsoring a bill to add a bed tax on seniors. Ericksen reply was basically, 'it's a complicated issue'.

In spite of his years in office, Ericksen became upset, red-faced and had difficulty responding to the challenging questions presented by Jerns.

Unfortunately, Sam missed a great opportunity to keep the readers informed on an interesting and informative exchange.

It sounds like poor ol' Doug-E has spent so many years working more as a Republican Party operative than a representative of his constituents in the 42nd District, that he doesn't know what to do outside of the hothouse environment of a political rally.