Monday, May 31, 2010

brilliant blog post Asher.....

this article is a good example of why I just got off my lazy ass and became a monthly donor and why I am a subscriber to their monthly newsletter...that's the Post Carbon Institute.

An Even Bigger Spill Looming?
Posted May 25, 2010 by Asher Miller

While the nation's eyes are turned towards the oil tipped waves and tar balls washing up on the shores of the Gulf Coast, an altogether different energy disaster looms in California—one that might be even more damaging for the environment and our economy in the long run.

For decades now California has led the country in environmental protection, passing legislation that's often set the benchmark for national policy. But this, like all tides, can flow in two directions. A pair of ballot measures—Props 16 & The California Jobs Initiative—could set California back immeasurably and by extension the entire country, at a time when we can least afford it.

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Greed on steroids

Thanks to Norman Goldman for pointing out that Transocean, one of the 3 companies responsible for the catastrophic environmental nightmare unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico, is trying to limit their liability to $27 million. They will be using our taxpayer supported court system to pursue this. And they moved their headquarters from Delaware to to Cayman Islands and then to Switzerland to avoid taxes here. And to add insult to injury, as they try to dodge responsibility, and the oil continues to pour into the Gulf, they will pay their stockholders $1,000,000,000.

wake up america...the greedy, selfish people are winning and they are killing the planet as they loot it.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

t boone alert...again

Today, once again, I was horrified to hear someone I respect immensely, tipping his hat to the t boone man. Thom Hartmann said he had to agree with him about commercial fleets running on natural gas. Natural Gas is a non-starter. We really are at peak everything. There isn't any energy source presently used (above a single digit %) that isn't acquired by barbaric extraction and natural gas is no different. Hydralic Fracturing (brought to us by Halliburton in the late 40's) is now being used in 34 states and it's use is rising ...on steroids!!!!! Humans in places where this is practiced are losing their homes and health. Water supplies are being contaminated with over 500 chemicals. (some known and some "proprietary" and we are NOT privy to the information even tho it's our water.)

previous t boone alerts ......and i will bring it up everytime this slips in under the radar.

previous barbaric extraction alerts

until we face where we are and change our ways, we are on course to destroy the planet.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I had the pleasure of attending this wonderful teach-in on Tuesday and I videotaped the live feed of Dr. Simon Johnson from the other Washington, followed by questions from the great audience in Bellingham. I also had the repeat pleasure of seeing and hearing from Kristie Laguzza-Boosman as she spoke about big banks and the confluence of issues we face as it relates back to big banks, and what we can do.

thanks so much to Dianne!!! and all organizations who helped and everyone who keeps suiting up and showing up.
and thanks First Congregational Church for your gracious hospitality.

here is the video playlist of the introduction and Dr. Simon Johnson's presentation, followed by a Q&A:

and Kristi Laguzza-Boosman here:

Organizations and co sponsors:
A New Way Forward

Americans for Financial Reform

Job with Justice

Whatcom Peace and Justice

Whatcom Human Rights Task Force

Veterans for Peace

Sign petitions here:
Public Campaign

Move to Amend with great folks like David Cobb to end corporate personhood


and, of course, this brings me back to my question that almost caused my republican mother to hang up on me
"how's the cancerous phase of unregulated, croney, casino capitalism working for you???"

I want an economy that works for us humans, not the other way around.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

barbaric extraction or our symptoms are showing

Today Joe Teehan had Jack Weiss, Bellingham City Councilman, on the line to talk about his lone dissenting voice on the recent council vote to renew the pipeline lease thru our home. His voice was an attempt, as I understood him, to call us to take a serious look at our current lifestyle in regard to consumption, and reckless use of fossil fuels as we deplete the Earth's resources at breakneck speed. He made a very important point in the beginning when he called the fossil fuel industry's attempt to greenwash by getting us to call tar sands "oil sands." I'm guessing it was more palatable marketing, which had been well researched. Then an excellent, well informed, caller named Dylan emphasized the point and said even calling it tar sands didn't really come close to describing the horror. My term for this new "gold rush" and all the desperate extraction we see is "barbaric extraction." It is a glaring symptom of where we find ourselves. We are at peak everything, including the atmosphere where we deposit the carbon from burning fossil fuels.

thanks Joe for a great program and I am sooooo glad to hear your voice on my radio!!!!

and here are some pictures of this form of barbaric extraction and the end result looks very similar to the other forms of barbaric destruction we see

mountaintop removal coal mining and a must see movie about this practice and the heroic people living where it's done

and then there is the contamination of our lands under the lands using hydralic fracturing and chemicals

and as we speak the "spill" in the Gulf of Mexico is playing out and promises to be catastrophic.

wake up humans, we must urgently change our ways so our descendent will have a home.