Sunday, September 26, 2010

What The Fork Is Goin' On?

The Everett Herald has an article about an attack ad, entitled "Fork in the Road", being run against Congressman Rick Larsen: "GOP group slams Larsen in TV ad and he slams them back ".

The ad is produced and paid for by a group called American Future Fund of Iowa (AFF), they've bought $607,720 worth of air time to run the attack ad.

Brooke Davis, Larsen's campaign manager, issued this statement in response to the ad:

“Shadowy, out-of-state special interests like the American Future Fund are not interested in Northwest Washington. They're interested in using anonymous political donations from multi-millionaires and billionaires to promote their own right-wing agenda – and candidates like John Koster that support it.

“Nothing could more clearly demonstrate the choice facing Washington voters than the contrast between Rick Larsen and the mysterious right-wing group backing his opponent.” (Everett Herald 9/24/10)
The right-wing multi-millionaire and billionaire donors behind this out-of-state group might be a secret, but we do know something about some of the low-life's inside AFF. Remember the "Willie Horton" ads and the "Swiftboating" of John Kerry?

That's right, the people inside AFF are the scumbags responsible for those lowest of low smear tactics: "Secrets of the American Future Fund ". And now they're trying to use their filthy tactics on Rick Larsen and other Democratic incumbents.

Friday, September 24, 2010

The revolution will not be spell checked

Glen Beck wants the tea partiers to lose the signs and costumes so they don't look as crazy as they are.

The revolution will not be spell checked
a local example

Maddow Outs Dino Rossi's Hypocrisy

Rachel Maddow nails Dino for being a complete hypocrite. Dino is against the stimulus, he sez... but that didn't stop him from doing a photo-op at a shipyard that was able to hire 80 works because of the stimulus.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Fiesta Patrias - Democrats Honor American Hispanic Heritage

Fiesta Patrias in Ferndale was a little scaled back this year, but, as in previous years, Democrats were there to celebrate a vital part of our America heritage.

42nd Legislative District Democrats had a booth and Representative Kelli Linville, candidates Al Jensen & Pat Jerns and Congressman Rick Larsen, all came to the Fiesta.
Although Whatcom Republicans had a booth featuring their candidates at the Ferndale Street Festival, there was no sign of them at the Fiesta.

Whatcom Republicans Chair Outraged That Latinos Get To Vote

Yes, Luanne Van Werven saw something on FoxNews and now she's outraged that Latinos get to vote. Clearly it's not the six votes part, because all voters in Port Chester get six votes.

Friday, September 17, 2010

GOP/Teabaggers Blame Dems for THEIR Deficit Spending

Pass it on...

PRICELESS: GOP/Teabaggers Blame Dems for THEIR Deficit Spending