Friday, December 10, 2010

Thank You Bernie

at long last.....yesterday the heroic members of the house rejected the "take it or leave it" tax cut corporate wet dream laid down for them and today Senator Bernie Sanders is at this moment executing an old fashioned filibuster on the floor of the Senate.....check it out at C-SPAN 2 and Thom Hartmann

and here is a nice video of Bernie on the floor the other day....

you go Bernie!!!!!!

and i loved how he explained how the cutting of the social security tax is the first step toward the privatization, looting and final destruction of the social security. the same corporatists have fought social security from day one. at the very least, if this tax is to be cut, the cap should be significantly raised.
the greedy, selfish among us continue to want welfare and safety nets(tax breaks and bailouts) for themselves but no responsibility to pay their fair share. ENOUGH!!!!!

oh and i'm not impressed with President Obama's meeting with President Clinton that is grabbing the 24 hour news cycle at this moment. the trianglulating, free trading, media consolidating, unregulated casino capitalism orgy policies of the corporate democrats have taken us down the wrong path.