Tuesday, May 25, 2004

"Bush Believes his Strategy is Still on Track."
"Like Capt. Ahab in Moby Dick, he continues to chase the white whale ..."

In the dark humor that has become so popular in Baghdad these days, one recently released detainee said, "The Americans brought electricity to my ass before they brought it to my house!" SOURCE

Gen. Zinni: 'They've Screwed Up'

Staying - and Failing - the Course
by P.J. Crowley
At a critical moment for the future of Iraq and his presidency – a mere 38 days before the transition, the president stuck to generalities because he could not provide the details.More...

Bush Bike Tumble:why George Jr is the unfunniest clown in town
May 23, 2004

"President Bush is no laughing matter. Gone is the time when we can chuckle about what a klutz he is. The man stole an election by dispossessing black voters in Florida. Nothing funny about that. He is carving up the environment to suit his big-business buddies. And he is ultimately responsible for the slaughter, the ongoing slaughter, of thousands of Iraqis. Not to mention the hundreds of coalition troops who have paid the ultimate price for American pride and profits.

Oh, and Afghanistan. That wasn't funny either."

From Sid Blumenthal in Salon.com:

"Boykin was the action-hero side of his boss, Stephen Cambone, a conservative defense intellectual appointed to the newly created post of undersecretary of intelligence. Cambone is universally despised by the officer corps for his arrogant, abrasive and dictatorial style and is regarded as the personal symbol of Rumsfeldism. A former senior Pentagon official told me of his conversation with a currently serving three-star general who remarked, 'If we were being overrun by the enemy and I had only one bullet left, I'd use it on Cambone.' Cambone set about to cut out the CIA and State Department from the war on terrorism, but he had no knowledge of special ops. For this the rarefied civilian relied on the gruff soldier -- a melding of 'ignorance and recklessness,' as a military intelligence source told me.
"Just before Boykin was put in charge of the hunt for Osama bin Laden and then inserted into Iraqi prison reform, he was a circuit rider for the religious right. He allied himself with a small group known as the Faith Force Multiplier that advocates applying military principles to evangelism. Its manifesto, 'Warrior Message,' summons 'warriors in this spiritual war for souls of this nation and the world ... God has given us the stewardship and accountability of FAITH as our strategy for this time to mobilize an exceedingly great army.'" SOURCE:

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Can't win for losin' !

With George aWol Bush as Commander-in-Chief; being in the army means you're damned if you do and damned if you don't!

Spc. Jeremy Sivits get one year in prison for torturing Iraqi prisoners. Source=Reuters

Staff Sgt. Camilo Mejia gets one year in prison for not torturing prisoners. Source=Reuters

Saturday, May 22, 2004

yur scarin' me now...

this administration has set about destroying the earth and torturing humans on the way out. as far as i'm concerned it doesn't get any worse than that! it is way past time to bring the real grown-ups in. i'm afraid that even if things go really well it is going to be a long hard struggle. some questions i have are: what does it look like when a whole country goes bust??? hmmm...didn't that just happen to our arch enemy??? what does martial law look like????? what does a white house look like off shore or in another country???? my guess is probably not much different than it does under this administration.... americans have been "dumbed down" but i have hope that good people everywhere can understand what is at stake. we need to stop fighting about whether our sons and daughters can love each other and start worrying about whether we are going to allow them to be used for wars of choice. fancy names for wars like that don't change the facts. attacking,invading and occupying a sovereign nation that has no army, no navy, no air force, has not threatened us, has not attacked us or any of our allies is not my idea of sanity. we have seen this scenerio played out before. giving up freedom, integrity and the qwest to be a positive leader in the world does not make me feel safer. so i have applied my excerise philosophy "start where you are" and "customize the plan"...for me that is educating myself, looking for ways to be active and write checks. i am an air america radio addict. i have been out of touch and frankly lazy. the learning curve is steep. aar is making it easy. with the guests and links on the blogs the information is there. amazing. there are so many good people out there doing incredible things. that is what i want to be a part of. so support for as many as i can(i have a budget) is a really easy thing for me to do. i still have a good job with benefits! i want to have hope that we can make a difference. i am paying attention. jpeg

Thursday, May 20, 2004

First Post

- Our Mani-Posto - (or, why we post)
We had Reagan's 'Morning in America', then we had the 'Republican Revolution' and then Dubya with 'Republican everything': And the result is... We're screwed!
Ordinary people like us are worse off. Jobs are harder to find, pay less, have fewer benefits and might be gone tomorrow. Health care costs more and is harder to get. Everytime the Republicans get their way and de-regulate or privatize, we ordinary people end up paying for it. For all their talk, taxes aren't any lower for us, our jobs don't pay more and our dollars buy less!
So, we've decided to Drop-in and Turn-off the Conservative nightmare.

- Citizen Steve