Saturday, September 11, 2004

Arianna Huffington rock!!

Thank you, thank you for being out there telling the truth......we have so much work to do. their conspiracy machine is humming and grazing on green.....and it is stinking vast!!!! we must send these cowardly, mean, greedy scum away......we the people need to come together for the sake of the people that will come after us, as many did before us.....these people do not have our interests in their plan....a couple of questions come to my mind...1.why do they want cheap assault weapons on the streets of america?? they are arriving here now to go on the shelves on monday when the ban expires.......and 2.why would the vice president threaten americans that they better vote the right way...or else....we need the leadership of mature, intelligent wise people.....i'm sick of these adolescent, swaggering, bullies and their neo-con wet dream.......let's all keep talking and listening and doing everything we can to secure the go Arrianna!!!!

.............The storyline of this campaign is really about heroes and villains. John Kerry and John Edwards are running because they are committed to the most important and heroic task facing our country: the building of one indivisible nation. They desperately want to make us one America. Bush and Cheney are running so they can continue to make life easier, plusher, and more privileged for the only America they choose to see. To succeed, they have to convince enough people between now and Election Day that the Other America is somehow a pessimistic figment of the Democratic imagination.

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