Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Saving our democracy

I have heard people saying just get over it and move on. Well i'm just not interested in getting over it. If we don't know what just happened to us it is bound to happen again. I want to know if election fraud took place. I don't care if it changes the devastating results, but if we make no effort to expose it we have no chance to change what needs to be changed. There may be a small group of people in America who are happy with the results at any cost but I believe most Americans want to know their vote matters. I believe the election was stolen but I also know that we have to be able to show that to be taken seriously. There are people working hard to shine the light on what occurred. They are true patriots.

Bev Harris from black box voting is one of those people
there is a new organization setting up right now to use a law in ohio to request a citizen recount...they are just getting the site up and are planning to target the counties with most glaring costs money to do this so they are asking for help to rapidly go forward.
"Every vote must be recounted in Ohio and the methods for counting and conveying precinct totals must be checked and rechecked," Alliance Co-chair Cliff Arnebeck announced.

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