Monday, November 15, 2004

who are they serving????

Seems like the mainstream press is shilling again for the corrupt evil regime that has seized power in our country. Just as they did when the crime family embarked on the illegal war on Iraq, they not only aren't asking any questions they are quick to shame anyone who dares to. The illusion we just suffered, that was passed off as an election, should have raised questions from every responsible corner but they seem united in denial.

Washington Post's Sloppy Analysis
By Sam ParryNovember 12, 2004
The Washington Post and the big media have spoken: Questions about Nov. 2 voting irregularities and George W. Bush’s unusual vote tallies are just the ravings of Internet conspiracy theorists.

Bob Fitrakis

None dare call it voter suppression and fraud November 7, 2004
Evidence is mounting that the 2004 presidential election was stolen in Ohio. Emerging revelations of voting irregularities coupled with well-documented Republican efforts at voter suppression prior to the election suggests that in a fair election Kerry would have won Ohio.

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