Wednesday, December 29, 2004

New Governor of Washington

The counting is over and Christine Gregoire is the new Governor of Washington state. We've had the Vote count and the mandatory machine recount and the hand recount; all according to the laws of Washington state. Each county has certified their vote tallies and tomorrow the Secretary of State will certify the state wide vote tally.
The Republicans are squawking, but they've got nothing real to point to. There's been no law breaking, no vote fraud; the Republicans just don't like the outcome of the vote. Since there's been no wrong doing, it's time for Dino Rossi to do the grown-up thing and concede.

Counties won't recount votes

OLYMPIA - Counties have refused to reopen the vote count in Washington's ultra-close governor's race, and Republican Dino Rossi was reported under pressure Tuesday to carry a last-ditch fight into the courts.

The three vote counts in America's closest governor's race are over, and on Thursday morning, Secretary of State Sam Reed is prepared to certify Democrat Christine Gregoire as the victor by 129 votes, state elections chief Nick Handy said.

Reed has warned against counties statewide reopening their tallies. ...
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Russell Tupper said...

Never let it be said voting absentee doesn't make a difference. If Rossi cries long enough and gets the WSSC to through out those 500 King County ballots, I'm glad I'm one of the 10 votes that put Gregorie-girl over the top.

Now Rossi wants a "do-over" - whattsa matter, scared Tim Eyeman will recapture the title of Washington State's Top Republican dooshe?