Monday, January 10, 2005

disloyalty is not smiled on by cons

the cons talk a big talk about "support our troops" but talk is meant to be cheap......

Smith to be out as Veterans Affairs head

.......WASHINGTON -- House Republican leaders decided to yank Rep. Christopher Smith of New Jersey from his post as head of the House Veterans' Affairs Committee, where he has riled his party and the Bush administration by loudly pushing for more federal aid for veterans.
The official removal -- rare for a sitting chairman -- could take place as early as Thursday when the entire GOP caucus votes to accept the leadership's recommendation to promote Rep. Steve Buyer of Indiana as the new chairman.

...... Smith is expected to lose his committee seat, which he has held for 24 years.
The decision is expected to be ratified when all House Republicans meet on Thursday.

and this is the treatment the veterans are getting.....appalling!!!

Homeless Iraq vets showing up at shelters
....."It was more of a rush. They put us in a warehouse for a while. They treated us like cattle," Arellano said about how the military treated him on his return to the United States.
"It is all about numbers. Instead of getting quality care, they were trying to get everybody demobilized during a certain time frame. If you had a problem, they said, 'Let the (Department of Veterans Affairs) take care of it.'"

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