Thursday, January 13, 2005

isn't lying under oath to congress a crime???? or a promotion...

even though one of his strengths was having been confirmed previously seems that he may have lied under oath.....hmmmm ......will they get another lying incompetent through?

Nomination May Revisit Case of Citizen Seized in Afghanistan

........At his confirmation hearing for the appellate judgeship, Mr. Chertoff said he was not aware of the dissent among department lawyers on the case, including an opinion from an ethics lawyer, Jesselyn Radack, saying an F.B.I. interview of Mr. Lindh would not be authorized under the law.
Mr. Chertoff said, "I was not consulted with respect to this matter," and he said he was unaware that the office that handled ethics issues had given an official opinion on interviewing Mr. Lindh without his lawyer.

and you won't believe what happens to you when you do your job and tell the can hear the interview with Jesselyn 1/13/05 on unfiltered.

and then there's the Feeney Amendment, patriot act participation and Bob “The Torch” Torricelli

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