Thursday, February 10, 2005

kudos to the bloggers!!!!! you're awesome...

this is such a great story.....everybody's talking...well they should be......come on mainstream media, do your stinking job...grow a set if you have to....the administration has a phoney journalist with press access to the president for almost 2 years......a new(fake) news organization pops up and 5 days later the fake journalist gets credentialed and wheeeeeeeeee.......he asking softballs questions side by side with the real press in the ovam!!!!!! and simple scotty just loves to pick him......propaganda anyone????? and the scrubbing of jeff was good glad salon had a photo......i didn't really want to see him in his undies anyway.
this is a great article at salon and the short ad i watched to read it for free wasn't bad either(if ya like really cute little dogs!)

"..........Talon News reporter "Jeff Gannon" lobs White House spokesman Scott McClellan a question at a Feb. 1, 2005, press briefing.

Fake news, fake reporter
Why was a partisan hack, using an alias and with no journalism background, given repeated access to daily White House press briefings? gannon affair

and then there is kos

Some "Jeff Gannon" highlights ... no longer available on the Talon News website

oh and then there is my afternoon addiction!!!!! the randi rhodes show

and how bout' this for drama....(could be "queen" or in my business it's "code")

but wait there is breaking news.......heee's back.....

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