Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Riverbend remembers

as we mark the 2 year anniversary of our initiation of the criminal "shock and awe" by the bush crime family in our name, be sure to check out Riverbend's perspective(march 23 entry) we continue to live in comfort. the shopping and consuming goes on...water and electricity gas flows(even tho the gas guzzlers whine and complain that the price is going up).....the tax cuts for the rich go on....everywhere i go most people act like the world is still the same as it was before the whack job criminal neocons seized power(most people believe they were elected)......and i don't even know how it feels to be shock and awed but there is no peace here....

.....Remember when the fear was still fresh- and the terror was relatively new- and it was possible to be shocked and awed in Iraq? post on 3-23-05

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