Friday, April 22, 2005

dick threatens America, again.....

only corporatist judges need apply.......
real Americans better stinkin' wake the flup up and do it yester frickin'day......they are stealin' all our resources including the blood of our children......and now they wish to take away the law....well, from us irrelevant comes the ownership society!!!!.......and the fucking opiate is about to turn mean!!! specially for people like me and many others who are not guided by biblical teachings.......these people are just not that into you folks........

Cheney says he would vote to end filibusters if Senate deadlocks
By NEDRA PICKLER associated Press

..............WASHINGTON -- Vice President Dick Cheney said Friday he would vote in the Senate to stop filibusters of judicial nominees if given the chance. That means President Bush is breaking his word to stay out of the fight over Senate rules, Democratic leader Harry Reid responded.
Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., wants to change Senate rules by banning judicial filibusters -- a tactic in which opponents can prevent a vote on a nomination with just 41 votes in the 100-member body. Minority Democrats have used the tactic to block confirmation votes on 10 of Bush's appeals court choices.

my sister can stand tall today as the presbutts, as she affectionately refers to her kind, showed the kind of patriotism and leadership we can all admire!!!!!

....................Today, the National Council of Churches will sponsor a conference call with journalists to denounce Frist's participation in the telecast, sponsored by Christian conservative organizations in order to build support for Frist's proposal. Among those speaking on the call will be Clifton Kirkpatrick, a top official of the Presbyterian Church USA. ''One of the hallmarks of our denominations is that we are an ecumenical church,'' said Kirkpatrick, in an interview on Thursday. He added that ''elected officials should not be portraying public policies as being for or against people of faith.''

and of course Americans United for Separation of Church and State are following and reporting on all.....(they get amazing audio!!!!!)

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