Monday, June 13, 2005

Ferndale > Pioneer Plaza?

A phone call to the Ferndale Planning Dept. produced the following information about the Pioneer Plaza Mall development:

  • The Mall developers representatives have submitted an incomplete S.E.P.A. checklist to the City.
  • Since there are missing element to the S.E.P.A. checklist and no development plan was submitted along with the checklist (as required) - the permitting process is not progressing.
  • The Mall developers have met with other authorities (state & fed.) about wetland impact mitigation issues - No details known.
  • The developers are required to submit a development proposal and have a neighborhood information meeting before the permitting process can go forward.
  • There will (also) be multiple public meetings/hearings held by the City as part of considering the proposed mall development.
  • Permits for a Mall development the size of the proposed Pioneer Plaza will not be rubber-stamped... There will be an extensive public process to considering the proposal.

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