Wednesday, August 10, 2005

greasing the skids

here they go.....although august is "no time to roll out a new product" they are laying the groundwork....will the American people fall for it this time????? can they be sold?? what will it take to sell a new war to the American people???? hmmmm..... where...ohhh, where did the weapons go?????

..........The commander of the British-led multinational division in southern Iraq - where an Australian force is based - on Friday told reporters here there has been "a lot of speculation," but not many facts, about Iranian activities in his sector.
But Major General James Dutton said an Iraqi border enforcement unit in southern Iraq found a major arms cache about two weeks ago near Route Six, which runs from Basra to al-Amarah.
"We don't know exactly where that came from. We are keen to find out, and investigations are ongoing," he said.
"There have been suggestions that they could have come from Iran, but I certainly can't prove that."
US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld accused Iran of allowing the weapons to be smuggled across its border, warning that "ultimately, it's a problem for Iran".

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