Saturday, October 29, 2005

200 words

published (bellingham herald)friday oct 28...the same day the "scooter"was indicted....

I hope Bush's declining approval ratings means that people are waking up. A recent USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll put it at 39%. "Freedom on the march" sounds hollow and the newly coined "seeds of freedom" continue to get a lot of people killed. There is plenty to be afraid of. It's just not what the administration is peddling. America's precious resources are being squandered. The middle class is in a race to the bottom. The new bankruptcy bill in effect makes it harder for average citizens to get bankruptcy relief if they suffer a catastrophic health problem. At the same time corporations enjoy plenty of loopholes. They move on with "golden parachutes" for CEO's and dump their pensions responsibilities. At a time when all people of the earth should be coming together to address global warming and the earths resources, we have "kiss up, kick down" John Bolton representing us at the United Nations. The"culture of life" turns out to be the "culture of corruption" and lies. The"milestone" rhetoric about Iraq is a worn out substitute for real progress. Innocent Iraqis are dying. I hope we soon come together as if our children's and grandchildren's lives depend on it.

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