Friday, November 18, 2005

Mark Morford

George W. Bush Gives Me Hope The astonishing collapse of the Bumbling One surely means healthy change is imminent, right?
By Mark Morford, SF Gate Columnist
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Here's the good news: It really can't get much worse.
We cannot afford any more wars. The environment has been sold to the bone. The national spirit has been beaten like an Alaskan baby seal and the GOP has worked our last nerve, passed through the karmic blood-brain barrier, reached saturation to the point where even moderate Repubs and gobs of intelligent Christians are finally saying, Oh my God, what have we done, and how did it all go so wrong, and how much Prozac and wine and praying to a very disappointed Jesus will it take to fix it?
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Marty Grimes said...

Today Mark Morford tempted readers to flirt with the notion that maybe, just maybe, the tide is beginning to turn. Democrats in Congress have finally grown a pair. Senators are using obscure rules to demand accountability and shouting on the Senate floor. John Edwards admits he was wrong to vote for the war and Jimmy Carter is pointing out how un-Christian our country has become. Most Americans are beginning to see the light that the rest of the world has always seen. Bush's approval rating continues to drop like an IED hucked into a hotel compound in Baghdad.

For a moment, I imagined we were in The Lion King and that scene is just starting where rain begins to fall on the parched barren earth, sprouts of green grass emerge. Animals and birds come out from the shadows as the glowing sun begins to rise. It's a new day! Cue the hopeful, glorious music and the joyful chorus of renewal. The evil imposter king has been dethroned. Simba has brought peace and prosperity back to the Serengheti.

Hold on there, Rafiki. We're not there yet. Our "Scar" is still in the White House and he and his band of hyenas are far from defeated.

It was a nice moment, but we can't bust out with a "Hakuna Matata" chorus just yet.