Thursday, December 08, 2005

Detached from REALITY Sis-boom-ba

Bush thinks he's back cheerleading at the big game! In his speech today he stumbled off script and said "our guys played" and then corrected himself and said "performed great".
In the summer of 2004, we discussed the growing problem in Najaf with Iraq's
political leaders -- and the coalition and Iraqi government decided to
retake control of the city. And we did. Together, coalition and Iraqi forces
routed out the militia in tough, urban fighting. It was an intense battle,
our guys (played per) performed great, and so did the Iraqi forces. Together with the
Iraqi government and the Shia clerical community, we forced the militia to
abandon the shrine and return it to legitimate Iraqi authority. The militia
forces agreed to disarm and leave Najaf.
Click the link in the quote to hear the audio clip.

c-span has audio of the whole speech. [02/08/07 Update: the c-span audio is no longer online - Video of the speech is available on the Whitehouse website]

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