Friday, January 20, 2006

Right-wing/Neo-con Political Philosophy:

"Saddle up! Lock and Load!"

You may have noticed that when things aren't going well for the White House, they seem to think they can do a rewrite - reshoot the scene - and no one will notice the change.

John Wayne Movies as policy:

Newt Gingrich called The Sands of Iwo Jima. "the formative movie of my life."

According to John Waynes Western's and War Movies:

Americans/Good-Guys are always Brave and Honest... but they are allowed to break the law and use violence to "get things done".

Foreigners/Bad-Guys are always corrupt and cowardly... so it's alright to bribe them to do things because they're already corrupt and if bribery doesn't work, all that's needed is to "stand up to them and show them we mean business" and they'll run away and cower in a corner.

And there you have the Rights worldview distilled down to its essence. They go at life as though it was the script to a movie. They "don't do nuance" and they think there blunders will have no real consequences.

Of course their policies are based on fantasies so the results are disaster raining down on all our heads. Elderly folks really are suffering without heat and medication. New Orleans isn't a movie set. Those Iraq war casualties won't get up and walk away when someone yells cut.

Some one really should tell the Right that there never was a John Wayne. He was a character played by a guy named Marion... Marion Morrison who avoiding service in WWII for fear it would interrupt the momentum of his career.

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