Thursday, February 02, 2006

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thanks for the comment Lietta and great job!!.....i will contact my reps. and i brought this post forward. so important!!!

HB 3107 Exposure to depleted uranium H State Govt 1/20/2006
Studying military uranium exposure.
and SB 6732 Exposure to depleted uranium S Hea/L-T Care 1/19/2006 Studying military uranium exposure.
Hearings already held in Washington State House; hearings today in Washington State Senate. Follow the progress of these as well, and encourage your elected officials to support. Requests medical screening for depleted uranium for returning WA Natl Guard and establishing a State Registry. A small group from Pt Townsend (DUST) in conjunction with Veterans for Peace members did the work-up to get this from proposal to hearings. Representing Military Families Speak Out, Washington State Chapter, I was asked to participate in giving testimony and have submitted written testimony for today's State Senate hearings to be entered into the record.
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Lietta Ruger said...

Thank you and your help to call these important pieces of legislation to attention is greatly appreciated.

2 days ago, it looked like SB 6732 wasn't going to be reviewed in this session; yesterday hope revived and still looks like both bills have a please do call your elected legislators and ask them to support SB 6732 and HB 3107 (study depleted uranium WA Natl Guard).

more info see Military Families Speak Out, Washington state Chapter