Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Puget Sound sez Cheney Go Away

Dan Bates / The Herald
Katherine Finks of Anacortes traveled to Everett on Monday to protest during the vice president's visit.
Jim Hanrahan, 62, left, his wife Debera Hanrahan, 56, and Margie White, 76, all of Bellingham, protest in Everett Monday morning during U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney's visit to the city. "We have no voice in foreign policy," said White about why she went to protest the vice president's visit.

...A small contingent of Bellingham residents protested Cheney's appearance. Margie White, 76, of Bellingham stood along the road. She laughed when asked if Cheney would pay any particular attention to her.

However, White does create postcards with pictures from Bellingham protests to send to Cheney's office. And being there meant something to her.

"It's a matter of personal integrity," White said. "We have to stand up."

In the protest community, Bellingham always makes a noticeable appearance, said Vernon Huffman, a protester on hand with Everett Peace Action.

"When the Bellingham people show up, it just delights us," said Huffman, 50. "They have such wonderful signs."
(The Bellingham Herald)

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