Tuesday, August 08, 2006

It's Mayberry Not Maberry!

Up here in Washington States 42nd Legislative District, I've heard a rumor that I'd hate to think is true. The rumor is that even after they've been doorbelled by the candidate, people still think that Craig Mayberry is somehow related to the well know and well respected Maberry Family. If Craig Mayberry were intentionally leaving people with the impression that he's related to Whatcom County's iconic Maberry family, that would make him a Mayberry Machiavelli.

So, let's clear this up. Craig Mayberry moved to Whatcom County in 2004.
I couldn't find a picture of Craig; but while I was Googling, I ran across this from 2005:
Mike Kent Cares! Gary Lysne:Hope for the future! Mr.Mayberry Runs - www.whatcomgop.com/GOP-Candidates.pdf
And that seems to kinda sum it up. Craig Mayberry Runs. Last year, Craig Mayberry ran for Whatcom County Council and lost. This year he's running for the State Legislature... Yeap, Craig's on his second campaign even though his only lived here in Whatcom County for two years.

On the other hand, The Maberry Family has been farming here in Whatcom County since the 40's.

And Maberry Farmers has endorsed our much beloved incumbent Democrat, Kelli Linville State Representative 42nd District.

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factchecker54 said...

They aren't even running for the same position..........