Monday, August 28, 2006

WA-05 * Peter Goldmark Credible Threat

The more I hear about Peter Goldmark, the more impressed I am. He looks to be the kind of Progressive Western Democrat we really want to see elected. You gotta figure if Governor Brian Schweitzer (MT) is willing to headline a fundraiser Luncheon, Goldmark must be Ok..
[Note: If you don't know who Gov. Brian Schweitzer is but you like David Sirota then you like Gov. Schweitzer and just don't know it yet.] has an interview with Peter Goldmark notes that Congressional Quarterly has changed the WA-05 rating from 'Republican Favored' to 'Leans Republican'.

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mainsailset said...

As an old Ferdaleite now moved over to the East side I wanted to thank you for the bit on Peter Goldmark. He's a candidate we're all proud of over here.

Kari Chisholm said...

I wrote about Brian Schweitzer when he came down to Oregon to support Governor Kulongoski: "Meet the future. His name is Brian Schweitzer."

There's also lots more about him at