Thursday, August 24, 2006

Whatcom County Democratic Central Committee Endorsements

of special note ....THE JUDGES ........we face a targeted assault on Judges who are true to the rule of law. what their challengers have in mind is a judiciary friendly to big developement....if these special interests succeed in getting Initiative 933 passed and their judges elected it will be a big loss for the state of Washington. look for the Judges on the primary ballot.

The Whatcom County Democratic Central Committee (Whatcom Democrats) have endorsed the following candidates:

US Representative, District 2 Rick Larsen
42nd Rep, Position 2 Kelli Linville
42nd Rep, Position 1 Jasper MacSlarrow
42nd State Senate Jesse Salomon
40th Rep, Position 1 Dave Quall
40th Rep, Position 2 Jeff Morris

Court of Appeals Div 1 Dist 3 Pos 1 Mary Kay Becker

Supreme Court Justice Position 2 Susan Owens
Supreme Court Justice Position 8 Gerry Alexander
Supreme Court Justice Position 9 Tom Chambers

No endorsement has been made in the US Senate race because there is a Primary contest. The Whatcom Democrats delay endorsement until after voters have voiced their choice in the Primary Election.

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