Sunday, August 13, 2006

Whatcom Democrats, Going To The Fair

Stop by and say Hi.
Mon-Sat August 14-19, NORTHWEST WASHINGTON FAIR, Lynden.
The Whatcom Democrats, in cooperation with the Democratic candidates, will have a booth at the fair. Bigger and better this year! Stop by and buy a raffle ticket (motorscooter or wild-caught salmon), learn more about the candidates, or pick up some palm cards with our endorsements to distribute to your friends.

Candidates are scheduled to be at the booth to talk with voters at these times:
Tuesday, Aug 15, 10-noon -- Jasper MacSlarrow
Wednesday, Aug 16, 2pm -- Mark Wilson representeing Maria Cantwell
Wednesday, Aug 16, 4-5:30 pm -- Rick Larsen
Thursday, Aug 17, 4-6 pm -- Kelli Linville
Friday, Aug 18, 7pm -- Jesse Salomon
Saturday, Aug 19, 10-noon -- Jasper MacSlarrow

DIRECTIONS: our booth is located between the Craft 4-H building and the Carnival Midway, in a block of blue and white striped tents. Our booth is on the south, or Carnival, side of these tents.

At its August Central Committee Meeting, the members of the Whatcom Democrats endorsed the following candidates for public office, that will appear on the PRIMARY BALLOT:

US Representative Rick Larsen

42nd Rep, Position 2 Kelli Linville

42nd Rep, Position 1 Jasper MacSlarrow

42nd State Senate Jesse Salomon

40th Rep, Position 1 Dave Quall

40th Rep, Position 2 Jeff Morris

Court of Appeals Div 1 Dist 3 Pos 1 Mary Kay Becker

Supreme Court Justice Position 2 Susan Owens

Supreme Court Justice Position 8 Gerry Alexander

Supreme Court Justice Position 9 Tom Chambers

No endorsement was made in the US Senate race because there is a Primary contest. The Whatcom Democrats delay endorsement until after voters have voiced their choice in the Primary Election.

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