Saturday, September 09, 2006

No on initiative 933, Yes on Jim Hightower

Noemie’s post is one of the best explanations of what Initiative 933 would mean to all of us who live in the state of Washington. The decisions we make today WILL make the difference for all who are here now and those who come after us. I 933 takes us full speed ahead in the wrong direction. I love a quote from the movie The Power of Community, “we have one earth and it belongs to all of us.”

Declaration of Interdependence
I-933 is wrong: Private property rights and the common good must be protected together
Institute for Washington’s Future
The property rights movement, which has been gaining increasing political power in Washington state, proposes an interesting foundation for human rights: property ownership. Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights, a Washington group that backs I-933, the “property fairness” initiative, tells us that “Property rights are really human rights and the very foundation of a free society.” So, what about the rights of people who don’t own property? Full article

Noemie Maxwell is on the board of the Institute for Washington’s Future, a nonprofit research and education center dedicated to the renewal of progressive values: community, equity, participation, and a sound environment. The Institute for Washington’s Future is sponsoring “On Common Ground: Innovations in Energy and Agriculture and a New Civic Awakening,” a forum with Jim Hightower. It’s part of the institute’s Back to the Roots program, which facilitates dialog and action on critical questions of sustainable development, environment, and community. Town Hall, 8th and Seneca, Thurs., Sept. 14, at 7 p.m More information

and read Noemie's excellent piece: September 14: Jim Hightower at Town Hall -- Will Speak On the Political Momentum for Sustainability
author: Noemie Maxwell Sep 04, 2006 17:11

(i have tickets!! and i'm so looking forward to this!!!!)

The list of endorsers to No on I 933 is diverse and long.


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