Monday, December 18, 2006

Gov Bill Richardson

i just had to respond to this piece i was sent in an email.....really bugs me the way things get framed sometimes......i responded to an editorial at the at San Antonio Express-News. i got a call from them today and they wanted to print it.....i will link to it when it happens but this is what i said.....

Response to: Presidential material? Web Posted: 12/16/2006 12:00 PM CST.
Rebeca Chapa Express-News Editorial Writer

The author does a nice piece on Gov Bill Richardson and concludes with a quote from Stu Rothenberg, a political analyst and editor of the online nonpartisan Rothenberg Political Report. “He's got kind of a college guy, frat guy persona," Rothenberg said. "Sometimes he comes off as too informal. He's a fun guy, but the office isn't a
fun office."

It is amazing to hear that characterization of a man with so many accomplishments during his life. Especially when you compare it to what we have been suffering for the past 6 years. The current so called "president” gets away with mocking WMD MIA while people are dying for a lie. see video at He sneaks up behind foreign female heads of state and cops shoulder rubs. see video at Richardson would have a hard time beating that in the touchy-feely category. Bush constantly appears looking stupid, ignorant, and arrogant. The nicest thing you can say about having him represent you is, it’s extremely embarrassing.

Now let’s see…a guy who can talk to everyone. I know because he met with Washington state bloggers when he was in the state. Then there are 4 nominations for Nobel peace prize. Congressman for 7 terms…Secretary of Energy…United Nations Ambassador…. current Governor ….etc, etc, etc……….I say we go for someone who has the job qualifications and, hey, if a bit fun comes with him, that’s a

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