Tuesday, December 05, 2006

healthcare profiteering

what exactly does an executive do in an hour to be rewarded so handsomely?????hmmm? and why should humans be expected to pay for such profiteering in healthcare??? right up there with war profiteering in my book.

nicely explained, as usual, by Thom Hartmann

November 19, 2006 at 08:00:13
Low Minimum Wage Killing the Middle Class
431 Times the Rest of Us
...........Let's turn this question around the other way. Let's ask the cons: would it be better to pay ten executives $100,000 per year and invest the rest of the company's profits in the company and its workers and shareholders; or would it be better to pay ten executives $1 million per year and claim you'd gotten the best leadership money could buy?The nation's top executives now make an average of $11.8 million per year-- each. That's just their salary; it doesn't count bonuses, perks, stock options, and so forth. For example, the Washington Post tells us in a June 27, 2005, story that many top executives get whatever they ask for. The article cites several examples, among them the case of a health-- care executive:
Coventry Health Care Inc., an HMO company, gave chairman and former chief executive Allen F. Wise a deal that includes as much as $12,000 for
legal, tax and financial planning, an unspecified automobile allowance, 75
hours of personal airplane use and a "tax equalization bonus" to ensure that those other benefits entail "no net cost to him," according to a regulatory filing.

Why do executives making $11 million per year need an automobile allowance? Can't they pay for their own financial planning?

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