Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Another Local News Outlet Bites the Dust

Bellinghams only TV station has dumped the News.
BELLINGHAM - KVOS television has announced the cancellation of its morning "News View" program, effective immediately. ...

...Ward's statement said the station, owned by Clear Channel Communications, will cut back to a Sunday morning news program on community issues, and the change "impacts our news division staffing." ...

...Station managers did not respond to requests for an interview. (full article)
Clear Channel axed evening News programming a long time ago; "News" on Bellingham's channel 12 had been relegated to the early hours of the morning. Now regional vice president Cambra Ward says the "News" doesn't pay it's own way, so it goes.

Well of course, showing reruns of "Scrubs" at 6 PM and reruns of "Blind Date" at 11 PM is more profitable than producing a local news program. And Gee Whiz, why would 'Clear Channel Communication' want to sacrifice any profits... I mean, just because they're using our airwaves to make their money, why would they feel any obligation to give anything back to the community... after all, 'Clear Channel' doesn't live here, why would they care about our local news!

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Ozy said...

This is another prime example why the Media should be broken up!
Clear Channel makes all the decisions for the biggest market in the country!
Wake up America or you will be relegated to old sitcoms and survivor reruns.
Wake Up America!