Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hey George, Are You Listening?

Citizens don't think escalation is a good idea.
Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg Poll. Jan. 13-16, 2007. N=1,344 adults nationwide. MoE ? 3. RV = registered voters

"Do you approve or disapprove of George W. Bush's plan to send almost an additional twenty-two thousand U.S. troops into Iraq?"

Approve 36%
Disapprove 60%
Unsure 4%

"Who do you think can do a better job of handling the situation in Iraq: President Bush or the Democrats in Congress?"

President Bush 34%
Democrats In Congress 43%
Both Equally (vol.) 3%
Neither (vol.) 11%
Unsure 9%

Congress doesn't think escalation is a good idea.
ThinkProgress is keeping track of where every member of Congress stands on escalation


Totals (excludes non-voting members)

Ds Rs Indep Total
Oppose 210 31 1 242
Lean Oppose 23 19 0 42
Lean Support 0 24 0 24
Support 2 104 1 107
Refuse to Answer 5 33 0 38
Unknown 42 40 0 82
Total 282 251 2 535
Veterans and active-duty Guard and reserve members don't think escalation is a good idea.
Three anti-escalation stories from today's Marine Corps Times
  • Retired generals bash Bush on surge plan
    President Bush says his plan to stabilize Iraq is the best plan out there. But even one of the men who helped think it up says it has a fundamental flaw.
    Posted Thursday Jan 18, 2007 22:02:48 EST
  • Vet group protests surge on Capitol Hill
    Just days after a group of active-duty service members pressed Congress to end the war in Iraq, another group of veterans of that conflict is calling on lawmakers to oppose President Bush’s...
    Posted Thursday Jan 18, 2007 18:26:04 EST
  • End Iraq war, service members tell Congress
    A letter from about 1,000 active-duty, Guard and reserve members calling for Congress to end the war in Iraq was delivered to Capitol Hill on Tuesday.
    Posted Thursday Jan 18, 2007 17:57:24 EST

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