Thursday, March 01, 2007

Domestic Partnership Passes in WA Senate

Washington State Senate Bill 5336 creates domestic partnerships for same-sex couples. It passes today by a vote of 28 - 19 with 2 excused.

Four Democrats voted against the Bill:
Tim Sheldon - 35th LD, Brian Hatfield - 19th LD, Jim Hargrove - 24th LD and Marilyn Rasmussen - 2nd LD. I hope their votes don't mean they're in sympathy with the perverse views of Val Stevens (R) 39th LD:
"We have watched this incremental movement as it has slowly eroded the sanctity of marriage," said Sen. Val Stevens, R-Arlington. "This bill isn't about civil rights. It's about changing society in ways that will ultimately harm it." (source)
In stark contrast to the sick and twisted ideas of 'Satan's Grandma' Val Stevens:

The lone Republican to vote for the bill was Sen. Dale Brandland of Bellingham. He didn't speak to his vote during the floor debate, but later said he was affected by the story of Kathryn Fleming, who died in December after she became trapped by rising water in her basement studio in Seattle.

Her partner, Charlene Strong, told lawmakers during public hearings about how she was initially barred from the hospital room and later encountered obstacles in trying to donate Fleming's retinas, and in planning the funeral.

"I started thinking about my law enforcement career and people that I know, and I started thinking to myself how would I like that if one of those people got injured and their domestic partner couldn't get up to see them," Brandland said. "I just couldn't do that." (source)

Senator Dale Brandland (R) 42nd LD deserves praise for bucking the right-wing ideologues of his party and making a truly moral vote.

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