Tuesday, March 06, 2007

letter thanks Senator Brandland and i do too!

i visited Senator Brandland in february with

he was very cordial, receiving us in his office....i wasn't sure how he would vote and i think this letter to the editor expresses my feeling. thank you Senator Brandland. i will remember this one........

Thanks Brandland for vote on sex ed
On behalf of ASK (Advocates for Sexual Health Knowledge), a group of concerned local high school students, I would like to thank state Sen. Dale Brandland, R-Whatcom County, for voting for the Healthy Youth Act (SB 5297) in the Senate Education Committee on Feb. 26. His vote shows that he supports teens’ rights to receive comprehensive and medically accurate sexual health education in schools.
Last month several members of ASK. met with Brandland in Olympia to discuss this important bill. He listened attentively to our comments and promised to give the bill his serious consideration. Brandland’s vote shows that he kept this promise, and I appreciate his willingness to listen to the young people whose lives will be affected by this bill.
Hopefully, with his support, Washington state teens will soon be ensured the information we need to make informed, healthy decisions about our sexual health.

Andy McClenahan


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