Thursday, March 22, 2007

Majority of Americans Are Democrats

Americans have realized that they were having the wool pulled over their eyes by the Republican Party. Compassionate Conservatism was a scam. Republicans Politicians and Conservative Religious demagogue's have turned out to be thieves, liars and sicko's.

Democrats haven't offered pie in the sky answers to life's hard questions, they've been unglamorously honest. And now, American understands that it's true; “Reality has a well-known liberal bias.”.
Bush may have missed his opportunity to build a GOP majority
By Steven Thomma - McClatchy Newspapers

... A solid Republican majority seemed within reach, especially after the country rallied behind Bush after the 2001 terrorist attacks. Bush's Republicans defied history by gaining seats in the 2002 midterm congressional elections, which usually tilt against the president's party. That year, the Republicans moved into a tie with the Democrats in terms of voters' self-proclaimed party identification: 43 percent called themselves Democrats or leaning that way, and the same percentage called themselves Republicans.

Now that's all gone.

Today, 50 percent of Americans call themselves Democrats or lean that way, while 35 percent call themselves Republicans or lean that way.

"Over the past five years, the political landscape of the nation has shifted from one of partisan parity to a sizable Democratic advantage," the Pew analysis said. "But the change reflects Republican losses more than Democratic gains."

"That's due to dissatisfaction with the White House," Kohut added in an interview.

Dissatisfaction with the White House stems from many sources. Soaring federal spending. Budget deficits. Illegal immigration. Hurricane Katrina. And, of course, Iraq.

At the same time, the country is becoming more amenable to the Democratic view of such divisive issues as God, war and welfare, the Pew survey found. Kohut attributed some of that to what he called the "cycles of history." ... (McClathy Washington Bureau)
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