Wednesday, March 14, 2007

WA Republicans Fake Another Scandal

The Seattle Times chief political reporter Dave Postman wrote on his blog about how the BIAW and their Republican lackeys in the State House are attempting to smear the Governor. They are trying to create a scandal out of thin air.
... But they are part of wider efforts by Republicans and their backers at the Building Industry Association of Washington to raise questions about Gregoire's political ties to the tribes. Tribes are generous donors to Gregoire, state Democrats and last year to a Gregoire-endorsed PAC that raised money for Supreme Court incumbents.

Buri said in a press release last night: "No one on our side of the aisle is accusing the governor of misusing her office."

But the suggestion has certainly been made. In a Feb. 26 letter to Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne asking him to stop the gaming agreement, Deputy Republican Leader Doug Ericksen said:

We are also asking for a denial of this gaming compact to allow time to address questions that have arisen regarding the circumstances of the negotiations and the decision-making process that led to the submission of this compact to your office. Recent news reports have tied substantial campaign contributions from the tribes and tribal gaming interests to key decision-makers. It has led us to consider whether the bargaining position of the state has been compromised.

... There really hasn't been much coverage and very little that I'd characterize the way the Ericksen letter did. ... (Postman on Politics)
What this right-wing squawking reminds me of most is the bold face lying that went on in 2004 when Dino Rossi (R) lost the Governors race. The BIAW and WA Republicans tried to generate an election scandal by lying about voter fraud. And remember, these are the same people who conspired to have U.S. Attorney McKay removed from his job because he wouldn't open a groundless, politically motivated investigation/smear of the gubernatorial election.

Right-wing Republicans in Washington State have a long history of baseless accusations and fabricating scandals. Their increasingly obvious dishonesty is the main reason they're on their way to extinction and refusing to acknowledge evolution won't save them.

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