Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Bush Iraq Policy A Disaster, General's Say

The Statements by Generals Gard and Johns during a press conference held by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid were unqualified condemnations of Bush's Iraq policy.
Press Release of Senator Reid
Reid: Democrats, Military Leaders, and American People Committed to Changing Course in Iraq

Monday, April 16, 2007

Washington, DC— Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada today issued the following statement at a press conference with Lt. General Robert G. Gard, Jr. (USA, Ret.) and Brig. General John H. Johns (USA, Ret.):

"Today, in the fifth year of this civil war, U.S. forces are suffering losses at a rate not seen since the bloody battle of Fallujah over two years ago and there is no end in sight. Yet the President and the Vice President continue to desperately cling to their failed escalation strategy and attack those who disagree with them.

"The American people, a bipartisan majority of Congress and senior military leaders, including these two distinguished officers standing next to me, have all called for a change of course in Iraq. But President Bush and Vice President Cheney refuse to listen. They are isolated in their thinking and are failing our troops and our country.

"Congress is committed to fully funding our troops, changing the course in Iraq and responsibly ending the war. When Democratic leaders sit down with the President this Wednesday we will be bringing with us the concerns of the American people and the advice of military experts.

"The President has a choice to make in the coming days - cling to the discredited policies that have led our troops further into an intractable civil war or work with a bipartisan majority of Congress to make us more secure."


Watch: Sen. Reid (D-NV) Press Briefing on Iraq (4/16/2007)

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