Saturday, April 28, 2007

Canadians Protest Washington Border Vigilantes

Protesters say border watchers not welcome
Apr, 28 2007 - 3:10 PM

VANCOUVER - About two dozen protesters rallied at five sites along Zero Avenue to voice their outrage against the Washington Minutemen, a group whose members have taken it upon themselves to guard the 49th Parellel. The protesters gathered at places where the Minutemen usually park their trucks and watch for drug runners or illegal crossings.
Kirk Shields-Priddy with Project Ploughshares says the Minutemen are a vigilante group and aren't accountable to anyone.
He says his "nightmare situation would be if someone was hurt or killed by someone who was a self-appointed border watcher."
Since US gun laws allow Minutemen to carry concealed weapons, Shields-Priddy worries someone will take the law into thier own hands and injure someone else.
It seems everybody on both sides of the border is fed up with those crazy old coots lurking along the border and stalking innocent people. Thanks to our Canadian neighbors for speaking up.

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Decker said...

The Washington Minutemen Detachment, Vigilanties?

Just what innocent people would the WMD be stalking? Rarely do law abiding people conduct cross border business other than at the, Ports of Entry.

I didn't realize that the WMD were holding trials out in the bush. How many have the WMD shot dead or hung? Are they lined up and shooting vollies of bullet at the hords of people escaping the plight of Canadian Medical System?

Just what are they doing? I think that the, "Old Coots", probably call in any suspects, to athorities. Very disciplined folk.

On the other hand, people that have lived along Zero Ave and H St. Rd., and beyond to the Alantic, have been calling in suspicious traffic for decades. They have even shot and killed many of them along the way. Where's the outcry?

Who is monitoring these residents along the border. I think I would fear them more so than a member of the WMD.