Sunday, April 15, 2007

Laura Flanders Live from Bellingham, WA

Laura Flanders Broadcast her Sunday (4/15/07) show live from Community to Community in Bellingham, WA.
The room was packed with a lively crowd. Here's a short video and a few photo's of Laura and some of her guests.

Aline, Rosalinda, Laura & Catherine

jpeg gets her copy of Blue Grit signed by Laura.


Noemie said...

Whoa -- very cool!

Sunshine said...

good stuff!

glad to see B'ham

looking and sounding so good!

i'm staying up to date with the harbor scams.

i'm a US citizen living in Abbotsford BC, an old west coast salmon troller.

good on ya all! was great to hear some of you get some airtime.