Friday, June 01, 2007

Iraq vet starts vigil in Bellingham

i had the pleasure of meeting Evan today as he starts his 7 day Tower Guard Vigil . his courage and willingness to stand up gives me hope that, just maybe, we can wake america up to what is being done in our name.
every day i search for hope and fight cynicism as i watch comfortable americans shop, overconsume and indulge in their favorite distractions. i often feel powerless to stop the devastation and injustice. Evan inspires me to continue to fight so those who come after us will have a future.

Iraq Vet Evan Knappenberger introduces himself.

Evan Kappenberger sends a message to his friends still serving in Iraq.

more to come.......


Kathleen said...

Everytime I hear defenders of the Iraq war claim that the military is "all volunteer", it tells me that they fail to understand the reality of the situation. I hope Evan can raise awareness about this "back door draft". Thank you Evan for your courage and your service.

Noemie said...

It's always so moving to hear someone standing up to tell a simple truth in the midst of lies.

Maybe we'll see more soldiers doing this.

doug said...

I grew up in a town with a volunteer fire department. When the siren sounded people ran to put out the fire. When the fire was out people went home. No-one was forced to do anything. It's only a volunteer army as long as you don't join it.