Friday, June 29, 2007

MADness in Everett

The Everett Herald has some very creepy news; Minuteman Project founder (and suspected embezzler) Jim Gilchrist "won't mince words when he's in Everett on Saturday"... but we're not told if he'll be chopping, dicing, grinding, mashing or pureeing the truth as "keynote speaker at the Illegal Immigration Summit". This "Summit" is sponsored by something called "the Reagan Wing" and a MAD woman named Shawna Forde who's trying to take her insanity to the Everett City Council.

Naturally, as with all the other 'Nativist Extremist' Groups, Jim Gilchrist and his hosts will quack, quack, quack that they aren't racists. But the truth is that they get all of their rhetoric, their conspiracy theories, their rumors, their "intel" straight from white-supremacist websites... and they attract white-supremacists to their events in exactly the same way that horseshit attracts flies.

This $30 a head scam-o-rama will feature local race-baiting Republican candidates; Doug Roulstone retread WA-02 congressional candidate (here's a hint Doug; it's not golf, you're not supposed to be trying for a lower score than last time around.). Also on the bill is Snohomish County sheriff candidate Tom Greene ( What the heck, it's been a whole decade since Snohomish County had a sheriff connected to violent extremists ). And of course candidate for Everett City Council Shawna Forde, with the delusion that people are "oppressed by mob rule and liberal political pressures".

Yes indeedy, the demagogues, the delusionals and the just plain paranoid will be gathering in Everett on Saturday for a big ol' round of scapegoating.


Immigration Enforcement Militia SOCAL said...

CitizenSteve, has it wrong. I've been involved with anti-illegal immigration groups here in SOCAL, and it ain't about race, rather than the laws on the books. Illegal immigration is a crime, employing illegals is a felony. CitizenSteve, claims MM pull all their material from white supremacist sites, and that't pure bul sh**. If you want to look into something investigate the prostitutes, and under age girls trafficked to the illegal alien farm workers, to entice them to put food in your grocery store. Next time you eat visualize a 12 yo girl servicing 30 illegals.

pcorn54 said...

Yeah! The Viagra Vigilantes have hearts of gold, pure as the driven snow with love and peace for everyone, unless you happen to have a hispanic surname or speak with an accent.

Hey! How about Ms Shawna! Falsely claiming being beaten and raped recently yet all the photos look like badly applied stage makeup, including the bruises on her wrinkly stretch marked ass she so proudly displays!