Friday, June 08, 2007

STOP-LOSS Vigil in Bellingham - Closing Ceremony

Evan completed his mission today!!! it was a huge success. hundreds of people in our little corner of the world now know about stop-loss. many have heard about it for the first time. for me it was a powerful week. my connection to people i knew before was strengthened and enriched and i met so many wonderful new people of good will. i will be able to look back at this experience on days i call my "no hope" days and draw the strength to go on.

there he goes.....THANK YOU EVAN !!!!!!!

Iraq Vet Larry Enriques

Vietnam Vet Gene Marx

Iraq Vet Evan Knappenberger

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Solana said...

It was a great rally and vigil. Something that helped us all in different ways, I think. It also helped bring us all together. Thanks Evan!

P.S. ugh! I am so not photogenic!