Saturday, June 02, 2007

STOP-LOSS vigil in Bellingham - Day 2 ...

Late in the afternoon a nice sized crowd joined Evan Knappenberger on the 2nd day of his vigil at the Federal Building in Downtown Bellingham, WA. There's quite a bit of foot traffic downtown and many people are learning about stop-loss for the first time from Evan....most are supportive.....hopefully the awakening will be contagious. Larry, another Iraq Vet, turned up to support Evan's vigil and pitched in talking to passersby. We had a great time; a street corner pot luck supper with lots of good food.....Thanks to all who showed up......

Evan Knappenberger talks about the purpose of the vigil.

Broader context. The action as seen from across the street

...and seeing this sign on the way home was an added treat.

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