Wednesday, June 20, 2007

"What is this thing called 'blog'?"

It's a question Jpeg and I get all the time and here's the path to the answer from Rick Perlstein's blog at .COMmon Sense:
I get the question a lot from people who share my ideological sympathies. Maybe you do, too. My wife and I, with but a tincture of mockery, summarize the question thus: "What is this thing called 'blog'?" It's intimidating for people who aren't familiar with the blogosphere but think they should be: a welter of new names, new concepts, new ways of evaluating quality. (Who to trust? Who to dismiss?)

Anyway, long story short, the blogger digby's speech at the Take Back America conference last night is where I'll be sending people asking that question from now on: everything you wanted to know about blogging but were afraid to ask. Why it matters, who are the players, what it means, how to read it - and, most fascinatingly, how to understand its often adversarial relationship to the "mainstream media." ...

Watch the video:
DIGBY REVEALED @ TAKE BACK AMERICA 2007 is the home of Take Back America. Video from the Gala Dinner at Take Back America 2007 in Washington, DC - June 19, 2007. The blogosphere's most famous unknown makes herself known, and accepts the Paul Wellstone Citizen Leadership Award on behalf of the entire progressive blogosphere.

Or you can read digby's speech; Digby Speaks: The Netroots Revolution, published in The Nation

You can read more about Take Back America 2007: HERE

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