Thursday, June 14, 2007

Whatcom Democrats Endorse Candidates for Primary

Wednesday nite the Whatcom County Democrats held an endorsement meeting. Nearly a hundred local Democrats attended the meeting. Local candidates were asking for the Parties endorsement for the August 21st primary. For each candidate the question was asked: "does this candidate meet the criteria for endorsement and stand for the principles of our Platform to gain the endorsement of the Whatcom County Democrats?" A simple majority vote was required for endorsement and all candidates who received 50% plus 1 vote were endorsed.

The Candidates who were endorsed are:

County Executive: Pete Kremen

County Treasurer: Steve Oliver

County Council Dist 1 Pos B: Bob Kelly

County Council Dist 2 Pos B: Ken Mann

County Auditor: Shirley Forslof

County Sheriff: Bill Elfo

Bellingham Mayor:
Dan Pike
Don Keenan
Seth Fleetwood
Dan McShane

Bellingham City Council Ward 1: Jack Weiss

Bellingham City Council Ward 3: Barry Buchanan

Bellingham City Council Ward 4:
Don Gischer
Stan Snapp

Bellingham City Council Ward 5: Terry Bornemann

Bellingham City Council At Large: Louise Bjornson

There were two other candidates in attendance who did not receive a majority vote and were not endorsed.

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