Thursday, July 12, 2007

Global Wussies on Terrorism - Day 2128

Larry C. Johnson, former CIA intelligence officer, has written an excellent piece illustrating how the "Global War on Terrorism" has been a scam; a phony war designed to frighten Americans into uncritically surrendering their power to a corrupted Republican Administration.
... The truth is we conflate Al Qaeda with Islamic extremists in general. We talk about Al Qaeda as if it is a hierarchical international corporation, with groups regularly signing up as "new" members. We act as if they issue identity cards to their members. Sort of like AARP or the Sierra Club, only lethal.

We need to cut the bullshit and stop deluding and scaring ourselves at the same time. There are Islamic extremists in the world who would like to do us harm. If left to their own devices, if allowed unfettered training, if permitted to travel at will, and if ignored we would likely see regular attacks and a significant loss of life.

But they aren't and we aren't. If terrorism was a simple matter of desire and intent then I have no doubt we would see daily attacks in most every country in the world. But that is not the reality. Outside of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan there is very little terrorist activity. Why do we persist in acting as if we are the Brits being blitzed every day by Nazi missiles? ... (read the whole thing)

The masterminds of the 9/11 attack run free while our troops are bogged down in an undermanned occupation of a country (Iraq) that had nothing to do with al-Qaeda or the 9/11 attack. Bush and friends have other goals that have nothing to do with destroying al-Qaeda or bringing democracy to Iraq; for them, talk of a "war on terror" is just a means to expand their power and take future generations of American tax-payers to the cleaners.

There's still a clamor about "fighting them over there", but all that noise is coming from an rapidly shrinking group of Bushie loyalists who don't know one "over there" from another. A bunch of cyber 'dead-enders' who get pleasure out of immersing themselves in the fantasy that they are battling the existential menaces of the Islamo-Jabberwock with their vorpal keyboards...

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